Sports Betting Portfolio was founded in 2019 with a view to bringing together profitable tipsters each with their own niche in sports betting. The service has grown over the years and continues to evolve as the right opportunities present themselves. Join us today and be part of our journey.

About Us

Mainstream Bookies Used
We make use of circa 6 bookmakers but given Bet365 is the most widely used, we have around 90% of bets available on there.
All bets are meticulously tracked in our publicly viewable Profit & Loss Trackers. We track “best available price” and “Bet365 price” for even more transparency.
Free Advice
If you have a question then we are very approachable and will endeavour to answer all your questions. We have a great relationship with our members.
Warnings Before Bets
Prior to bets being sent by our tipsters a warning is sent to the tipping channel so you can get ready for the tip coming.