Both Teams to Score: Meaning & Strategy

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January 22, 2023

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What Does BTTS Mean in Betting?

What does BTTS mean? In betting, ‘BTTS’ stands for ‘both teams to score’. This means that when you place a bet, you are betting on whether or not both teams will score in that game.

How To Make a BTTS Bet

Like other variations of betting, you can simply select yes or no on the BTTS/both teams to score tab on the game that you wish to bet on. If you select yes, you are betting on both teams to score in that game. Meanwhile, selecting no will see you add a bet on at least one team failing to find the back of the net.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you have the option to place a BTTS accumulator, which enables you to bet on multiple games on the same betslip. What’s more, the option to combine BTTS bets with those more varied is also available. This could be, for example, on bets on sides to win, lose, or draw.

One rule to remember when placing a BTTS bet is that it only applies within 90 minutes. Remember this when betting on games that are likely to take extra time.

You don’t have to bet on the whole game, either. You can bet on BTTS in the first half, or BTTS in the second half, as well as BTTS in both halves, BTTS & for the game to feature over 2.5 goals, both teams to score and win, and both teams to score two or more goals.

Football BTTS Tips Today

When placing a BTTS tip, it is important to pick the right games. It’s ideal to bet on a top attacking team who potentially struggles defensively. Alternatively, when looking at the league tables, it is best to look out for those with a fairly low goal difference.  

An underdog is generally more likely to score when playing at home, too, so look out for when a top team travels to play a team generally considered to be weaker in the league standings. For example, recently Chelsea traveled to Selhurst Park to take on Crystal Palace.

Perhaps incentivized by the roaring of the home-side fans, just seven minutes in, Odsonne Édouard hit the back of the net, taking the lead for Crystal Palace and driving fear into the hearts of the visiting Chelsea players. As the match continued, Chelsea found their footing and highlighted their dominance with two goals from the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Conor Gallagher, stealing away with the eventual 2-1 win.

Were the match played at Stamford Bridge, the outcome could have been very different. This just goes to show that the underdog advantage when playing at home is a very real phenomenon.

Fixtures this season to keep an eye on between an underdog and a 'big six' Premier League side include:

  • West Ham vs Liverpool in April
  • Bournemouth vs Manchester City in February
  • Nottingham Forest vs Arsenal in May.

These are all fixtures that have a high chance of seeing both sides find the back of the net.

A good way to improve the odds of a bet involving BTTS is by also betting on one of those teams to win the game. Many BTTS and win tips will have a stronger team, such as the aforementioned Chelsea, to beat Crystal Palace.

When looking at BTTS stats in games involving a top-six Premier League side and a side considered to be an underdog, it becomes clear that both teams score more than they don't. In fact, in the first six-game weeks of this season, both teams scored in over 50% of games between an underdog and a top-six team in the Premier League.

How To Find BTTS Predictions

SBP offers one of the best services around when it comes to receiving football tips from expert tipsters. Our subscription plans vary in price, but by signing up, you can receive tips on a variety of football bets, including BTTS predictions, straight to your phone. You can see our football tipsters page here.

Both Teams To Score FAQs

What are the advantages of a BTTS tip?

The advantage of a BTTS tip is the variation it offers. You can bet on both teams to score in one half, whilst betting on both teams to score over or under a certain amount of goals. You also have the opportunity to remove the risk of choosing a winner by choosing a BTTS bet, which could make things easier.

Which odds are best for BTTS?

The best odds for BTTS will usually come when the stronger side squares off against a lower side at home. Although this may be risky, there’s always a chance that the weaker side could find a goal, even if it turns out to be nothing more than a consolation effort in a game that they would rather forget. A more guaranteed way of winning a BTTS bet would be by betting on a game involving mid-table teams with a relatively low goal difference.

How do you win a bet on BTTS?

To win a bet on BTTS, both teams must score before full-time, as the bet doesn’t count once the game, if possible to do so, reaches extra time. A way to increase the likelihood of winning a BTTS bet is by finding a team that impresses going forward whilst also suffering the consequences of a leaky defence.  

What do you look for in BTTS?

Things to look for in a BTTS bet are two sides with a low goal difference, two high-scoring sides, or two sides that particularly struggle defensively - resulting in several goals conceded. If these types of sides are involved in a game, the likelihood of winning a BTTS increases.

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