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October 4, 2020

Growing A Bankroll For a Long Term Strategy

Bankroll management is a multi-faceted enigma that poses dozens of questions. What is true is that you can’t be successful long term without careful bankroll management.

The long term goal of any bettor is to make profits and to do that requires a starting point, an end goal, and a plan on how to get to the end point.

My advice for new members of SBP has always been that you should start with a 100 unit bankroll. So, for example if you have a pot of £1,000 for your SBP bets then that means £10 per unit, and 100 units. We take bets days in advance of bets so over a weekend we can have quite a high outlay of bets, and there will be drawdowns along the way which informs out starting point of 100 units.

The end goal is, in my opinion, a 200 unit bankroll with a unit stake that you are comfortable with. After you achieve that point you only withdraw profits and maintain your 200 unit bankroll. Alternatively you can increase that 200 unit bankroll further for additional security but the ultimate goal will always be to start taking profits.

So, we have our starting point of a £1,000 bankroll (100u x£10) and we decide that we are wanting to build eventually to a £10,000 bankroll. We know from above that we want a 200 unit bankroll so that equates to £50 per unit.

The question that remains is the plan to get from the start to the end. It is possible to increase both your units in the bank and your stake together if you are disciplined and have a plan to stick to. The below is one way in which we can grow from £1,000 (100u x £10) to £10,000 (200u x £50).By increasing our unit stake as we progress we benefit from compounding and can generate profits more quickly to help us achieve our goal.

The below is only a suggestion and you can adjust it as you feel fit based on your appetite to risk.

Start with £1,000 bankroll (100u x £10)

Build up to £2500 bankroll

Move to 125u x £20

Build up to £4,500

Move to 150u x £30

Build up to £7000

Move to 175u x £40

Build up to £10,000

Move to 200u x £50

By increasing the number of units in your bankroll you are protecting yourself against any drawdowns. The gradual stake increase allows you to mentally prepare yourself for the higher stakes. Going straight from £10per unit to £50 per unit can be difficult on a losing run, but the gradual increase from £10 to £20 to £30 etc allows you to adjust.

The above is just one method of increasing your bankroll, you can adjust your numbers to fit your end goal. The key is to remain disciplined. Don’t get carried away after a winning run, and don’t chase losses after a losing run. Stick with the plan.

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