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January 9, 2023

If you like staking on football matches and haven’t discovered the draw no bet market yet, this is an area of betting that you’ll want to consider. When you are betting draw no bet, it means that if the match ends in a draw, you’ll get your stake back.

In this guide, we’ll define draw no bet and give some information about when you can delve into this market. Essentially, the bet acts as insurance and protects you against the draw when you stake on a winner. It can be useful in accumulators as well, with the only downside being that the odds are shortened when you use this market.

What Does Draw No Bet Mean?

When you bet on a football match you will find loads of different markets available. Some are simple, but the draw no bet meaning is a bit more complex. So, what is draw no bet then? The draw no bet meaning in football is when you bet on a team to win a game, but you get your money back if the match finishes as a draw.

In an accumulator, draw no bet means that if one of your legs ends in a draw, it’s wiped from the accumulator. The other legs in the acca still stand, but the overall potential winnings are reduced based on the new odds of the remaining matches.

Draw No Bet Examples

As football is traditionally an unpredictable sport, draw no bet markets can offer a cushion against unexpected results. At our site, you’ll find draw no bet explained by expert tipsters, who will advise when to use it based on their draw no bet predictions.

If you want to bet on the draw no bet market, click on a game and the different options will appear. For example, Liverpool at home against Leicester City were given odds of 3/10 to win, with the Foxes priced at 8/1. In the draw no bet market, these odds were altered to 1/10 and 6/1 respectively. As you can see, your potential winnings from the draw no bet market are lower, but it does protect you if there is a draw.

If you think Leicester have a chance of causing an upset, you can go with the draw no bet market to cover against the potential draw if they don’t manage to go all the way.

Draw No Bet Accumulators

If you like placing accumulator bets, you’ll love the expert advice we have here at the site. One thing that our experts recommend is to go for a draw no bet accumulator because it can give you a greater chance of winning something from the bet.

In a draw no bet acca, you’ll only bet on winners in each of the legs. Then, if one of those games ends in a draw, it will be eliminated from your bet slip. You don’t lose the accumulator at that point, though. Instead, it gets recalculated based on the odds of the other legs. You can check what the new odds are using a draw no bet accumulator calculator.

Using draw no bet in an acca is a great way to keep the bet going when one leg lets you down. Usually, if you lose a leg of an acca, the whole bet is void. Draw no bet mitigates against that and gives you a better chance of winning. One thing to note, however, is that the overall returns will be much lower if you opt for the draw no bet market on all folds.

Draw No Bet FAQs

Do Draw No Bet Wagers Include Extra Time?

No, draw no bet wagers cover the 90-minute game only and don’t go into extra time in knockout games of tournaments.

Is Draw No Bet a Good Wager?

Yes, if you prefer to limit the risks involved with betting.

Can You Combine Multiple Draw No Bet?

Yes, you can use multiple draw no bet legs on an acca.

Why Bet on DNB?

People like to bet on DNB because it offers some insurance.

Are Draw No Bet and Asian Handicap 0 the Same?

Yes, these two bets have the same outcome.

What Happens if You Have a Draw No Bet in An Accumulator?

If that leg ends in a draw, it will be wiped from the acca, and the odds will be recalculated based on the remaining legs.

Is Draw No Bet the Same as Double Chance?

No, double chance allows a bettor to combine two possible outcomes into one bet.

What Is Away No Bet?

This is similar to DNB but you get your stake back if you bet on the home team to win and the away team wins.

If you want more information from experts about draw no bet along with other popular betting markets, sign up to one of our subscription plans today.

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