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January 17, 2023

Each-way bets - when you bet each-way - is another form of betting in sports such as horse racing, with its popularity amongst bettors always increasing. But, what is an each-way bet? We’ve answered that question below.

What Is an Each-Way Bet?

An each-way bet does what it says on the tin, essentially, with the bet consisting of a wager on a win and a wager on a place. Again, this bet mostly takes place in horse racing. But what does each-way mean in this type of betting? This means that if your horse wins, you win on both bets. Meanwhile, if your horse only places, then you will still receive a return on the place odds.

Although used in horse racing, other sports such as football, greyhound racing, golf, and tennis also use each-way betting, with the use of that type of bet popular in several sports.

How Does an Each-Way Bet Work?

How does each-way betting work? Most popular in horse racing, each-way bets mainly involve two wagers. And those are bets on the place and winner. If the subject of your bet wins, then you win both the place and win the bet. On the other hand, if the subject of your bet is in the allocated number of places given by sportsbooks, you win that part of the bet. So, there’s a chance of profit either way.

Each-Way Bets Examples

You can an example of each-way bets below.

How to Bet Each-Way?

There are a few things to remember when placing an each-way bet, and we’ve listed a number of those things below.


The first thing to make note of is the odds. It’s important to keep an eye on the difference in odds between the part of a bet which relies on the placement of the bet’s subject, and whether or not they win. The odds dictate your winnings should your bet come in and could indicate your bet's chances of winning, according to the sportsbook.

Each-Way Places

The second thing to take note of when you place this type of bet is the each-way places. These are the allocated places that the sportsbooks set that the subject of your bet must finish within for it to become a winner. Each sportsbook may have different placement margins.

Each-Way Fractions

Finally, as each-way bets are explained more and more, it is important to know that the odds of the placement part of each-way bets are a fraction of the odds of winning, due to the higher chance of the subject of your bet placing in the margins given, rather than winning.

Each-Way Bet Calculator

Even though each-way bets are popular in several different sports, including horse racing, football, and tennis, they can be quite difficult to get right. After all, you have to place two separate bets - one on the placement and one on the win. The good thing about having those two different each-way bets is the fact that, if the subject of your bet wins, you receive the winnings from both the winning bet and the placement bet.

Using horse racing as an example, if your horse, you get the winnings for both the winning side and the placement side of your each-way bet. Meanwhile, if your horse fails to win, but still places in the allocated margins, then you win the placement part of the bet.

So, how much do you win on an each-way bet? There are many each-way bet calculators out there, but we’ve put together an example of how things work in each-way bets.

Let’s say that you place a £5 each-way bet at 50/1, which makes the total stake £50 - £25 on the placement and £25 on the win. If the bookmakers’ margins are 2-6 on the places, you win that side of the bet if your horse finishes within those places. In this instance, that would be £25. Meanwhile, if your horse wins, then you win both sides of the bet. In this instance, your winnings would be £50.

How to Get Each-Way Betting Tips Today

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Each-Way Betting FAQs

What happens if you bet each-way and it wins?

If you place an each-way bet and it wins, then you win both parts of that bet. In horse racing, for example, you would win the placement part of the bet, and the winning side of the bet.

Does each-way mean win or place?

Each-way means both win and place in separate bets. You are placing a bet each-way. This means that even if your horse fails to win, but still finishes inside the allocated margins by the sportsbooks, then your bet still comes in as a winner on the placement side.

How much does a five-each-way bet cost?

A five-each-way bet costs £10, as it is £5 each-way. To put it simply, the stake is doubled because of the each-way nature of the bet.

What is an each-way patent bet?

An each-way patent bet is when every single bet is an each-way bet. For this reason, there are a total of 14 bets included, and the total stake for this kind of bet is doubled compared to a standard patent. This can be a lucrative way to bet, because of the payout for every horse that places and every horse that wins.

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