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January 21, 2023

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These tips include those on any half time and full time bet that could potentially be active around the world of football. But what is half time/full time betting? We’ve explained this below.

What Does HT/FT Mean in Betting?

Half time/full time betting or, as commonly known, HT/FT betting, is the betting on a team to be winning a game at half time and at full time. When placing this bet, you need your selected teams to be in the lead at both points of the game for the bet to win.

This type of bet can be placed into double betting or an accumulator as there is more than one outcome necessary for the bet to turn into a winner.

You can check out our Double bets page here.

Half Time/Full Time Bet Example

An example of a half time/full time bet is for the Liverpool vs Real Madrid game in the Champions League Round of 16. As you can see from the picture below, you can back Liverpool in half time/full time bet at 15/8, whilst Real Madrid are 5/1.

You can also back Liverpool to be winning at half time when betting half time/full time, and Real Madrid to be winning at full time, or vice-versa, as well as the two sides to be drawing at either point of the game.

You can see all of the options below when it comes to placing this half time/full time bet.

ht/ft betting

Types of HT/FT Bets

There are a number of variations when it comes to betting half time/full time, from betting on the winner to the number of goals, corner kicks, correct scores, and even bookings, so let's look at the options in a bit more detail.


Starting with betting on the winner, this is as simple as it sounds in a half time/full time bet. You choose one of two teams to be leading the game at half time, and again at full time. Alternatively, you can bet on the two teams to be drawing at either point of the game.

So, for example, you can bet on Liverpool/Liverpool (HT/FT) to win, or Real Madrid/Real Madrid, as well as Liverpool/Real Madrid, draw/Liverpool, draw/Real Madrid, Real Madrid/draw, Liverpool/draw, or draw/draw.


Betting on the goals is another form of half time/full time betting. This involves betting on the number of goals that either team will score during the game. If your prediction is right, then you win the bet.


Betting on corners is quite similar to betting on goals scored, with it invoicing predicting the number of corner kicks that will take place in the first half and then the number that will take place in the second half. Bookmakers usually give a few options when it comes to ranges, and if your prediction lands inside this range, you win the bet.


Finally, there are a few variations when it comes to betting on bookings, with the option to bet on the total number of bookings shown or the team that will receive the most bookings or the team that will receive the first card. Different bookmakers will have different options for betting on bookings.

Correct Score

You can also bet on the correct score in a half time/full time bet. In this instance, however, you must get the scoreline correct in order to win the bet, making things slightly more difficult.

Pros and Cons of Half Time/Full Time Bets


Due to the short learning curve, half time/full time bets are easy to understand, with most variations of half time/full time bets fairly simple to place even on little betting experience.

As there’s two different steps when betting half time/full time, the payouts can be more lucrative than other bets when you win, which is even better when you consider the fact that you can win either half of the game.


The negatives about half time/full time betting includes the higher margins when compared to mainstream markets. You are relying on a number of things going right, which makes this type of bet harder to guarantee when it comes to winning.

It also requires players to make more bets for higher winnings, which may put bettors off, as they’ve then got to rely on other factors coming in for a win.

Half Time/Full Time Betting System Explained

There are a lot of ways in which a half time/full time bet can go wrong, but we’ve found a system that increases the chances of winning a bet of this type.

The system involves choosing four games with the odds at 1-2 and evens for a home team to win. This type of game usually leads to odds between 3-1 and 5-1 on a draw/home win.

This system, when attempted, has usually resulted in two or three correct half time/full time bets on a consistent basis.

Betting Half Time/Full Time FAQs

Does Full Time Include Extra Time?

No, full time in a game does not include the extra time period should a game have the possibility of reaching this period.

What Does Half Time/Full Time 1/1 Mean?

Half time/full time in betting means when one team a specific team wins the first half and at full time.

What Is the Meaning of Half Time/Full Time ½?

In betting, half time/full time 1/2 is when the home team only wins the first half of a game, before the away team wins the second half.

What Does X X Mean in Betting?

In this kind of betting, X always stands for a draw. And, for that reason, X X means that there’s been a draw in both the first half and second half of a game (half time and full time).

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