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January 24, 2023

Correct score betting is one of the most popular ways to bet in sport - especially in football. Whether it’s Newcastle vs Liverpool, a mid-table clash in La Liga or a non-league game, bettors have the opportunity to place a correct score bet.

What is a correct score bet? We answer that question, and others, about correct score betting below.

What is Correct Score Betting?

Correct score betting is a bet that predicts what the end score will be between two sides. If that prediction is correct, you win the bet.

If you place a correct score bet on a football game, then it runs for the first 90 minutes and doesn't apply to extra time, unless stated otherwise.

We’ve gone through all the types of correct score bets below.

Types of Correct Score Bets

Full-Time Correct Score

The full-time correct score bet is simply a prediction of the full-time score between two sides. If correct, you win the bet.

Half-Time Correct Score

The good thing about correct score betting is its variations. You don’t need to get the full-time score right: you can bet on the correct half-time score instead.

Placing a half-time correct score bet is just predicting what the score will be between two sides at half time.

Second-Half Correct Score

Second-half correct score bets involve predicting what the score will be in the second half. The first half is not taken into consideration.

So, if the second half involves two goals for one side and none for the other, then, in that period, the score will be 2-0 - even if goals had been scored in the first half.

Half-Time/Full-Time Correct Score

Half-time/full-time correct score bets involve predicting the score at half time and then the score at full time.

There’s more risk involved in this bet as you have to make two predictions. That means the odds are higher, but that results in higher rewards if your prediction is correct.


Scorecast betting is a combination of betting on the first goal scorer and the correct final score. The odds for this type of bet, as a result of there being two predictions, will be higher. The bet is less likely to win.

If you predict both the goal scorer and correct score correctly, however, then the rewards will likely be more lucrative than in other bets.

Correct Score Pros & Cons


Correct score betting has high odds and, with that, good returns if you manage to win the bet by predicting the correct score.

Meanwhile, the bet itself is a simple one to place. It is just predicting the correct score.


It is difficult to land a correct score - such is the unpredictable nature of sport, and football, in particular.

There’s also a limited number of options to reduce the risk of this bet, unlike others, which can make it more difficult.

How to Bet Correct Score - Tips & Strategies

We’ve got a few tips as to how to bet the correct score, the first of which involves a warning about 0-0 games. No one enjoys a draw - very few people want to see one, and luckily for us, they aren’t regular occurrences. This does mean that placing a 0-0 correct score bet is unlikely to end in success, so perhaps avoid doing this. A good tip is to look for sportsbooks that offer refunds on draws, as well as taking advantage of any free bets and offers.

Another of our correct score betting tips is to place a bet on a game ending 1-0, especially between two mid-table sides with an average attack and backline. Of course, avoid predicting 1-0 if the game is between two typically high-scoring sides or one with a weak backline.

As football is such a difficult game to predict, when you’re unsure of what type of performance you’ll get from a side such as Thomas Frank’s Brentford, it is best to bet on 1-1, 2-1 or 3-1 scores.

To help with this unpredictability, it is best to take a look at previous form beforehand, alongside home and away form, and the latest transfers and managerial chances.

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How to Calculate the Odds for Correct Score Bets

The odds for correct score bets are usually smaller when the number of goals involved is smaller, i.e. there is more chance of there being fewer goals. The odds are bigger when there are more goals, i.e. there is less chance of there being a higher number of goals.

Check out the table below for the most common score lines in the Premier League:

Correct Score




















Find Correct Score Predictions Today

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Correct Score Betting FAQs

How do I win a bet with correct score?

To win a bet with correct score, you need to correctly predict the score of a game. SBP's tipsters aim to help you do this.

Does correct score include extra time?

Correct score does not include extra time unless the bookie states otherwise.

What is anytime correct score?

Anytime correct score is the prediction of what the score will be at any point of a game. So, if you predict 1-1, and at any stage the game is 1-1, your bet will win, even if that is not the final score.

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