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January 1, 2023

Every Telegram sports betting service lives and dies by the reputation of its tipsters. Basically, without a solid team of experts, even the best-run service will quickly fall by the wayside. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the top Telegram tipsters in the world. To see how we find a Telegram tipster worth following, scroll down.

Premium Telegram Tipsters

Our experts not only have exemplary balance sheets but exemplary reputations. We all want to follow Telegram tipsters with winning records. However, if a Telegram tipster is unreliable, they won’t be part of the Sports Betting Portfolio (SBP) network.

Put simply, we only work with the best tipsters on Telegram, which means you get a steady stream of hot picks To show you why we’re so confident, here are a few reasons why our experts are among the best in the business:

Specialist Knowledge

All Telegram tipsters have their own specialities. Anyone can say they like football and give a match prediction, but our experts delve deeper into the nuances of a game. For example, we’ve got Telegram tipsters who specialize in bookings and Asian lines. We’ve got a basketball Telegram tipster who focuses on handicaps and team totals.

Having experts with specialist knowledge means we can offer exclusive tips that take advantage of small miscalculations made by bookmakers. In other words, our Telegram tipsters find the best lines because they’re able to zone in on specialist markets.

Winning Records

The best tipsters on Telegram have winning records and our experts are no different. In addition to profit charts, you can see a tipster’s average monthly profit, average ROI, total profit, and how many picks they provide each month. Some of our top Telegram tipsters have a lifetime ROI of over 30%!

Open and Honest

We’re fully transparent, which means you can look at the profit/loss graphs for all our tipsters. We also provide profiles for every Telegram tipster so you know who they are, what they’ve done, and what they specialize in.

Pre-release Alerts

Our premium Telegram sports betting service entitles you to early alerts. These alerts are sent out before a Telegram tipster releases their latest pick. When you combine this with push notifications, it means you’ll be ready to place a bet as soon as a top tip drops.

Reputable Bookmakers

The best Telegram tipsters work in unison with the best online sportsbooks. Our experts scour the odds at leading sportsbooks, including Bet365, so they can tell you what to bet on and where to get the best odds.

Constant Support

We’re never more than a message away. It doesn’t matter if it’s a problem with your account or one of our tipsters, you can contact Sports Betting Portfolio on Twitter (@SB_Portfolio), Telegram (@sbpadmin), or email (

Our Free Tipster Channel on Telegram

The best sports betting tipsters on Telegram are available at a cost via our premium subscription service. However, if you want the occasional tip from our experts without spending a dime, you can join our free Telegram sports betting channel.

  1. Download Telegram from your native app store (Apple App Store or Google Play).
  2. Open your mobile browser and search for
  3. Tap “view in Telegram.”
  4. Tap “Join” underneath the chat box.
  5. Go to the setting option on your smartphone and make sure push notifications are enabled to get the latest free Telegram sports betting tips.

Get Exclusive Access To The Best Tipsters on Telegram

You can access the best Telegram tipsters by joining SBP. Click here to read about our tipsters. Once you’ve found an expert you like, tap the sign-up button for the Telegram channel and register. This will give you instant access to the hottest sports betting tips on Telegram!

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